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Don’t be held back by your past. Even if you have a criminal conviction, you still might be able to clear your criminal record with help from the professional Washington State expungement lawyers at Findley & Rogers. It’s time to restore your gun rights in Washington State.

At Findley & Rogers, our core specialty is protecting our clients’ constitutional rights. We may be able to help you:

If you have been denied a firearm purchase, concealed carry pistol license, or been informed by law enforcement that you are not allowed to possess a firearm, it may be possible to restore your gun rights in Washington State. In some cases, an expungement of your criminal record in Washington State is not possible, but with our free consultation, you have nothing to lose. We’ll look at your specific situation and tell you what your options are
Get Started: Take Back Your Rights
A criminal conviction can have devastating effects on your ability to live your life. Employment that was once in reach can now seem impossible, you may be denied a loan or an apartment, or limited in accompanying your children on school activities. If you have a criminal conviction in your past, it may be possible to clear your criminal record. Often known as “expungement” of your Washington State criminal record, clearing a felony or misdemeanor from your criminal history means that it will no longer show up in a background report on your criminal history. Contact us to learn more about how to clear your criminal record and get started today.
Learn How It Works & Eligibility Requirements
When it comes to restoring your gun rights in Washington state and giving you your life back, we offer a number of services: Researching your criminal history Federal or out-of-state convictions Appeals of NICS denials Correcting any mistakes in your records Learn more about the services we offer and the options available through our firm including how to restore your rights and expunge your Washington state criminal record.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Restore My Gun Rights?

Benefits of restoring your firearm rights after a conviction include being able to:

  • Own, carry and operate firearms again
  • Go hunting for sport
  • Go shooting for target practice
  • Defend your family and home against criminal threats
How Much Will Expunging My Record Cost?

The cost of expunging your record or restoring your firearm rights after conviction varies on a case-to-case basis. Contact us today for a free consultation and more specific information on your case.

Can I Get My Firearm Rights Back Without Having to Expunge My Record?

Yes, it may be possible to restore your firearm rights without expunging your criminal record. 

Washington state treats the two processes as separate, meaning that expunging your record will not automatically restore your firearm rights and vice versa. However, you may choose to expunge your criminal record and restore your firearm rights. Talk to our gun rights lawyers to find out which solution is best for you.

Are My Firearm Rights Automatically Restored After Expunging My Record?

No, an expungement of your criminal record does not mean that your firearm rights are automatically restored. Restoring your firearm rights is a separate legal process that must be performed apart from your expungement.

Can I Restore My WA Gun Rights With a DV Conviction or Protection Order in Place?
If you have a Protection Order or No-Contact Order placed against you, then you need to have that order lifted to legally possess a firearm. If you also have a criminal case that impacts your right to bear arms, you need to have that order removed to restore your firearm rights in Washington. For DV convictions, each case is different. While those with misdemeanor convictions can have their gun rights restored, several eligibility requirements must be met before rights can be regained.
Can I Get My Gun Rights Back Even If I Have a WA Felony Conviction?

Each firearm rights restoration case is different. While those with felony convictions can have their gun rights restored, there are several steps and eligibility requirements that must be met before rights can be regained.

I No Longer Live in Washington -- Is It Necessary to Restore My Gun Rights in WA?

If you now live in a different state but have a conviction in Washington, you will need to restore your rights under Washington law to clear a Federal background check. It may also be necessary to restore your rights in the State where you now reside depending on whether that State will honor a Washington State restoration of firearm rights.

Can Anyone Have Their Criminal Convictions Cleared?

Not everyone can have their criminal convictions cleared. To expunge your criminal record in the state of Washington, there are several requirements you must meet to be considered.

What is “Expungement” / “Vacating a Criminal Conviction?”

“Expungement” refers to the deletion or clearance of criminal records. “Vacating” a criminal conviction, which is also referred to as “expunging” a record, is the process of removing a conviction from your record. If you successfully expunge or vacate a conviction, Washington State and private reporting companies can no longer report your conviction for that crime.

What Can I Gain From Having my Juvenile Records Sealed?

In Washington state, sealing your juvenile records means that the public will no longer be able to view your criminal record, though it will remain in government databases. Additionally, background checks (such as those for employment and rental leasing applications) will no longer show your conviction.

Put the past behind you

While it is our goal to help you clear your criminal record, there are a few basic eligibility requirements you will need to meet in order to clear your conviction in Washington state following a criminal conviction:

  • You must have completely complied with the orders of the court in your case.
  • You must have no criminal felony or misdemeanor charges pending against you in any state.
  • For misdemeanor convictions:
    • You must have not been convicted of any new crimes in the last 3 years (5 years if your conviction was domestic violence related).
    • You must wait 3-5 years (depending on your conviction) after completing all court requirements (including probation).
    • You must not be subject to a no-contact order, and must not have violated a no-contact order in the last 5 years.
    • You cannot clear your criminal record of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge.
  • For felony convictions:
    • You must have complied with all of the orders of the court in your case.
    • Class C Felony Charges: You must have not been convicted of any new crimes in the last 5 years.
    • Class B Felony Charges: You must have not been convicted of any new crimes in the last 10 years.
    • Class A felonies, serious violent crimes, and most crimes against another person cannot be cleared from your criminal record.
    • It is sometimes possible, however, to vacate a 3rd Degree or 2nd Degree Assault and 2nd Degree Robbery charges, as long as the crime did not involve a firearm or deadly weapon, was not sexually motivated and was not committed against a law enforcement officer.

Our experienced attorneys can help determine if you meet these requirements and also if you qualify to restore your gun rights in Washington state.

If you meet these requirements to clear your criminal record, your next step will be to file a petition with the court that revoked your firearm rights. This process varies from court to court, so it is in your best interest to speak with an attorney who is experienced with restoring gun rights in Washington state. At a minimum, the process will involve getting a full criminal background check, preparing and filing a motion and order, and getting a signed order from a judge. The expungement of a criminal record in Washington state may involve dealing with the prosecuting attorney’s office, appearing in court to argue the merits of your motion, and potentially even appealing the court's decision. Once your rights are restored, we ensure that the Washington Criminal History Repository and FBI are updated so that you will be able to clear your criminal record and any future background check you may be asked to take.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

At Findley & Rogers, we charge an affordable, flat rate for most of our services, so you always know in advance what you’ll be paying. There are no hidden fees and no endlessly-accumulating hourly bills. Your conversations with us are 100% confidential. We will work to resolve your issues both quickly and discreetly.

Call Findley & Rogers and Take Back Your Rights

Many people don’t realize that their lost rights can often be restored and that you can clear your criminal record. Don’t let a mistake from your past keep you from exercising your constitutional rights and enjoying the full benefits that come with a clean record.

To restore Washington State gun rights or expunge your Washington State criminal record, get in touch with the qualified, passionate attorneys at Findley & Rogers.

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