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The legal system can be confusing and intimidating. Ordinary citizens rarely understand all of the obscure legal rules and correct procedures that are necessary to get good results.To navigate the legal system successfully, you need an experienced guide. That’s where we can help. At Findley & Rogers, we have several main areas of legal practice. Most often, we work with clients who want to clear their criminal record or restore their firearm rights.

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What Is Included in a Free Initial Consultation?

In your free initial consultation, one of our attorneys will speak with you over the phone or sit down with you to discuss your legal problem. You will have the chance to explain your concerns, ask us questions, and let us know your goals or the desired outcomes that you have in mind by working with an attorney.

From there we will use our knowledge of the law to explain your legal situation. In other words, we will describe how your legal problem (such as a criminal conviction) is affecting/limiting your options and rights in life (such as a loss of firearm rights).

Next, we will explain what can be done to improve your situation. We will lay out all the legal remedies available to you, and walk you through the process of pursuing those courses of action. We will also let you know what it might cost you, including court filing fees, our own rates (if applicable), and other costs you might encounter along the way.

Finally, you will decide which course of action (if any) you wish to pursue. If we are able to help you pursue legal remedies, and you choose to let us represent you, that’s when we will start charging you.

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