Sealing Juvenile Records in Washington State

Sealing juvenile records in Washington State prevents the public from being able to view it, though the record remains in government databases. The process of sealing a record in Washington is very different if your conviction was for an adult charge or a juvenile charge.

Sealing juvenile records in Washington State can occur as long as a sufficient amount of time has passed without being convicted of a new charge. When a court seals a juvenile record it also vacates your conviction, meaning your conviction is actually removed and then the record is sealed. Even if you have been convicted of another charge as an adult or a juvenile, there is still a very good chance that a court will agree to seal your juvenile record.

Mandatory Time Requirements

For most crimes where you were tried and convicted as a juvenile, you must go 2 years from your release from detention, or from your sentencing date in non-detention situations.

For Class A felonies, the waiting period is 5 years before you can seal or expunge your juvenile records in Washington State. Note that for Class A sex offenses or kidnapping offenses, you must also be relieved of your requirement to register as an offender before your record can be sealed.




Here are some basic guidelines to determine if you are eligible to have a juvenile record sealed:

There are also a few other requirements for sealing juvenile records in Washington State. In particular, you must have repaid all court-ordered restitution and other fees, and you must have no additional convictions or proceeding criminal actions against you.

  • If you were convicted of a misdemeanor or Class B or C felony you must generally wait 2 years after your conviction with no new convictions.
  • If you were convicted of a Class A felony you must generally wait 5 years. If you are convicted of a new charge during that time, the waiting period restarts.
  • You also need to pay any restitution or fines outstanding.
  • You must not currently be involved in a diversion agreement.
  • Sex offenses may have other requirements as well.

What If You Want to Expunge Juvenile Records?

Prior to sealing your records, it may be in your interest to expunge that record first. To expunge juvenile records in Washington State means vacating those convictions. This is possible in many circumstances and makes it easier to ask the court to seal your record. If you are interested in expunging your juvenile records, our experienced attorneys can help.

Let Findley & Rogers Help You Seal Your Juvenile Records

If you have an old conviction that has been holding you back on job applications, rental applications, etc., the good news is that sealing juvenile records in Washington State is possible in most circumstances.

However, navigating the legal system can be difficult - that’s why at Findley & Rogers we’re here to help you through this process.

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