NICS Appeal: Washington State
Fight a Firearm Purchase Denial with NICS Appeal Attorneys

In the event that you are inappropriately denied a firearm purchase by the FBI, our experienced NICS Appeal Attorneys can assist you with appealing that denial, as a part of which we can help you set up a Voluntary Appeal File with the FBI NICS division in order to avoid any additional trouble in the future.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is an FBI database used in background checks as part of a firearm purchase.

If you received a NICS denial, Findley & Rogers has NICS appeal attorneys who can help you get to the bottom of your rejection, and file a NICS appeal in Washington State.

Faulty NICS Firearm Purchase Denials

Frequently, NICS denials happen for faulty reasons, such as incorrect information or outdated records.

In these cases, Findley & Rogers can help you file a NICS appeal in Washington State to restore your rights and make it possible for you to pass a background check.

Restoring Firearm Rights

There are also legitimate reasons for a NICS denial, such as having lost your firearm rights as part of a prior conviction. There are some instances where our clients never even knew they were ineligible to purchase a firearm.

If you lost your firearm rights as part of a prior conviction, or for any other reason, there’s good news: In Washington State, the law essentially requires firearm rights to be restored as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

At Findley & Rogers, we can determine what you need to do to have your gun rights restored, and we can take you through the NICS appeal process in Washington State.




Protect Your Gun Rights with Findley & Rogers

The NICS appeal attorneys at Findley & Rogers can help you get back your gun rights. Depending on your specific problem, we’ll work with the FBI to correct any NICS errors, or we’ll work with a court to make a strong case for restoring your rights.

Contact us today to get back your gun rights or begin a NICS appeal in Washington State.

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