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Being convicted of a crime can cost you many of your rights, including the right to possess or purchase a firearm. In the State of Washington, felony convictions and some misdemeanors can result in the loss of your right to possess, carry, or control a firearm. But with an experienced gun rights lawyer, you can restore your rights.

Thankfully, at Findley & Rogers, our lawyers for restoring gun rights can help you regain your firearm rights. If you have an old conviction that took away your right to carry, the gun rights attorneys at Findley & Rogers can help guide you through the process of getting those rights back, beginning with your free consultation.

The Benefits of Restoring Your Rights

Restoring your gun rights with the help of a Findley & Rogers gun rights lawyer means you can:

  • Own, carry and operate firearms
  • Go hunting for sport
  • Go shooting for target practice
  • Defend your family and home against criminal threats
  • Avoid a felony conviction for being in the same room as a gun owned by another individual

When your firearm rights have been revoked, it is possible to get a felony conviction just for being in the same room with a gun even if it is owned by someone else. This is why you need an experienced gun rights lawyer to help you regain your firearm rights.

At Findley & Rogers, our team of gun rights restoration lawyers can help you protect yourself from legal risks like these. Our lawyers for restoring gun rights will help you navigate the legal system and make sure your paperwork is in order.

As experienced gun rights lawyers whose mission is to help ordinary people like you reclaim your lost rights, we will do everything we can to restore your gun rights!

Eligibility Requirements for Restoring Your Gun Rights

There are many eligibility requirements you must meet in order to restore your firearm rights, including potentially needing to expunge your record in Washington state. When you call us for a free consultation, our gun rights attorneys will discuss your specific case and actions you can take to restore your rights.

Some of the main requirements include:

  • You have completely complied with the orders of your sentence for any DV misdemeanor, and for any felony, except for non-restitution court fines.
  • You have no pending criminal charges in any jurisdiction. A gun rights lawyer can’t help you restore your rights if you’re facing new charges.
  • You are not the subject of a restraining order.
  • If you lost your rights as a result of a felony, you must wait for at least five years without any convictions that result in a loss of rights before you are eligible to restore your firearm rights. This must be the most recent 5 years, and must be after your felony conviction.
  • If you lost your rights as a result of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, you must wait for at least five years without any disqualifying convictions before you are eligible to restore your firearm rights. This must be the most recent 5 years, and must be after your felony conviction.
  • You must not have any prior felony convictions that still count on your offender score.
  • You have never been convicted of a Class A felony or sexual offense.

Our Gun Rights Attorneys Can Help

If you meet these eligibility requirements, then a Findley & Rogers gun rights lawyer can probably help you. By working with one of our lawyers for restoring gun rights, you’ll be able to know where you stand and what your legal options are, and we’ll show you the best way forward.

Call Findley & Rogers To Restore Firearm Rights

Knowing the exact requirements for restoration can be difficult, and the legal process for restoring your gun rights can be long and complicated. You need a good gun rights lawyer on your side! Let the experienced, friendly gun rights restoration lawyers at Findley & Rogers guide you through that process. We serve Washington State residents. It doesn’t matter where in the state you live or your proximity to our office: We can handle just about everything remotely.

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