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I would highly recommend this law firm. Fletcher is remarkable in handling complicated legal issues. Thank you Fletcher for your help and support. It is truly appreciated.

5 Yellow Stars
Brooks Lynch

I highly recommend Findley & Roger's Law Firm.
Mr. Findley is very professional, timely and was able to successfully resolve my legal issues.
Thank you Findley & Rogers!!!

5 Yellow Stars
Jaime Gonzalez

I have to say I would HIGHLY recommend Findley & Rogers firm. OmI not one to give recommendations easily however Mr. Findley was nothing but professional, he was straight forward. I appreciate his assistance on my behalf and can say thanks to the diligence and hard work my issue was settled quickly and refficientl. I can't stress enough the importance of a good attorney. Mr. Findley and the firm are the ones you need.

5 Yellow Stars
Jerry Derham

Fletcher Findley is an amazing lawyer, my husband had called him out of curiosity about our having our gun rights restored, being a felon I really didn't think it would happen, but Fletcher said I did qualify and that you do qualify after 5 years with no incidents so we went ahead and went with it. we went and met with him, he explained the process which was very easy for us to understand and we paid him which was very reasonable, after that he took care of everything and it didn't take long at all, about 2 months we had a court date, we went and everything happened so fast the judge signed and bamm I got my rights restored... I'm very grateful and I highly recommend him above anyone else

5 Yellow Stars
lisa rice

THANK you guys so much! this place took the time to explain the process and the possibilities of a good or bad outcome, researched my case promptly and was very clear and precise with the instructions they gave me. all said and done it was a very smooth and affordable process and I am so happy with the results i want to jump for joy! Thank you Corey and everyone else involved! you made my day!

5 Yellow Stars
Billy Deputy

Fletcher Findley helped me restore my firearm rights. It took less than 60 days for the court decision to restore my rights (I thought it would take 90 days). The information getting to the FBI hit a bump in the road because the FBI didn’t update there system correctly but Mr Findley helped with that as well. Once you hire him he starts to work. He replies to all your emails or calls within a day, usually the same day.

5 Yellow Stars
Brad Larsen