If you’ve never worked with a attorney before, the process can be intimidating. You may have questions on what the process is like or if an attorney can actually help you. At Findley & Rogers, our experienced attorneys can help you regain control over your life by aiding you in clearing your criminal record, restoring your firearm rights, or sealing records. But don’t just take our word for it: read about our past clients’ experience and what they have to say about our services.

I saw the reviews about this place and was confident in my decision to contact them and see what I needed to do to restore my firearms rights . Took a few months but I was able to purchase my first firearm and my concealed pistol license application was just approved today . If you have a juvenile record like I did These guys will help you get your firearms rights restored .  Thanks Findley & Rogers !

Rob Rob

I highly recommend Findley & Roger's Law Firm.
Mr. Findley is very professional, timely and was able to successfully resolve my legal issues.
Thank you Findley & Rogers!!!

Bishop McCain

Really great attorneys! Not only do they know their profession but they’re also very kind and understanding. They went above and beyond getting answers for me and the whole process was finished very quickly. Thank you!

S Tik

Findley did a wonderful job restoring my gun rights and expunging my record. Highly recommend!

Matt Kahler

Very good law firm. I highly recommend them. They were able to vacate my felony and restore my gun rights in a matter of months and their price is very reasonable.

Thomas Whitehorn
Extremely professional. Very fast response and unparalleled service. Highly recommend.
Patrick Williams
Their reviews speak for themselves. I am very much satisfied with the outcome they were able to help me restore. Prior to finding them, I did look at several other attorneys and unfortunately none really responded until days later, not Findley & Rogers they were always prompt with a quick response when ever I had questions. Trust me if they’re able to help you within their scope, you will not be disappointed. Thank ALL of you once again.
Billy Gray
Findley and Rogers did an amazing job helping me get my rights restored and sealing my juvenile record. The best part is I did even have to meet them in person. They are amazing at explaining the process so it makes sense. At one time I wrote an email to see where we were at in the process and they were speedy on the response. Strongly recommend hiring them to make a stressful situation put to rest. Thank you for helping me!
Jeremiah Dangel
10 out of 10. Fast response to any questions and getting to work on what you need.
Donald Gray
Literally the best decision I’ve ever made. Fletcher was there every step of the way, letting me know updates on the status of my case, and even helped me retrieve my firearms back from the police after he’d already won my case. Thanks to Findley and Rogers I’m now perfectly legal to own and operate a firearm. Very reasonably priced. And very professional. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking to legally correct their firearms rights.
WOW.......After all the years of me calling attorneys trying to either get a straight answer or the right answer was impossible..... So once again I googled attorneys for firearms restoration and I saw Fletcher and Finley from Out of the Seattle area , so I picked up the phone and gave him a car thinking it was going to be the same or run around as always... this guy was straight to the point everything he told me was true.....He had me pay a few outstanding court fines, then told me it was going to be within the three months to complete....two months later ....Bam I had my gun rights,I couldn’t believe it.... I promise this guy will not let you down ...... thanks again Fletcher!!!
Kevin Birch
I would highly recommend this law firm. Fletcher is remarkable in handling complicated legal issues. Thank you Fletcher for your help and support. It is truly appreciated.
Brooks Lynch
Fletcher Findley is an amazing lawyer, my husband had called him out of curiosity about our having our gun rights restored, being a felon I really didn't think it would happen, but Fletcher said I did qualify and that you do qualify after 5 years with no incidents so we went ahead and went with it. we went and met with him, he explained the process which was very easy for us to understand and we paid him which was very reasonable, after that he took care of everything and it didn't take long at all, about 2 months we had a court date, we went and everything happened so fast the judge signed and bamm I got my rights restored... I'm very grateful and I highly recommend him above anyone else
Lisa Rice
THANK you guys so much! this place took the time to explain the process and the possibilities of a good or bad outcome, researched my case promptly and was very clear and precise with the instructions they gave me. all said and done it was a very smooth and affordable process and I am so happy with the results i want to jump for joy! Thank you Corey and everyone else involved! you made my day!
Billy Deputy
Fletcher Findley helped me restore my firearm rights. It took less than 60 days for the court decision to restore my rights (I thought it would take 90 days). The information getting to the FBI hit a bump in the road because the FBI didn’t update there system correctly but Mr Findley helped with that as well. Once you hire him he starts to work. He replies to all your emails or calls within a day, usually the same day.
Brad Larsen
I highly recommend Findley & Roger's Law Firm. Mr. Findley is very professional, timely and was able to successfully resolve my legal issues. Thank you Findley & Rogers!!!
Jaime Gonzalez

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