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Firearm lawyers agree: If you own a gun, or intend to own one, it’s a good idea to get a concealed pistol license. Washington State law makes these licenses fairly easy to obtain, but there are potential difficulties that can set you back. That’s when a Washington State gun lawyer can help you break through the red tape and get results.

Protect Yourself from Prosecution!

Getting a concealed pistol license (“CPL,” also known as a concealed gun license, concealed weapon license, or concealed firearm license) can help protect you from being charged and convicted of crimes in Washington State that you may not have known were illegal. Want to learn more? Contact our Washington State firearm lawyers today.

With a concealed pistol license, Washington law can also protect you from criminal charges in numerous situations. For instance, without a concealed weapon license, it is a crime to keep a loaded gun in your car. If you carry a gun on your person and don’t have a license, you can be convicted of a crime by law enforcement officials.

Getting your CPL will help you avoid these potential problems!

How to Obtain a Concealed Weapon License

Why does anyone need a firearm lawyer to get a license that the state is required to issue to any eligible person who asks for one?

Well, if you’re reading this, you probably know why: In theory, getting a concealed weapon license in Washington is straightforward. However, it can get a lot more complicated if something shows up on your background check. That’s when you need the team of attorneys at Findley & Rogers.

Our friendly and professional firearm lawyers are experienced in these issues and we believe in helping people to exercise their Second Amendment rights, as well as our state constitutional firearm rights here in Washington. That’s not just our business: It’s our mission.

CPL Problems & Solutions

If you have been denied a concealed pistol license, Washington law requires the law enforcement agency that denied your application to inform you why you were denied. With this information, our Washington State firearm lawyers can help assist you in appealing your denial in two ways:

  • First, we confirm that the reason for your denial is both legal and legitimate, then we take any possible steps to remove the disqualifying issue from your records.
  • Second, our Washington gun lawyers will file a case in the appropriate court to contest the law enforcement agency’s improper decision.

We take care of the legal hassle, the paperwork, and the bureaucratic red tape!

How Findley & Rogers Can Help

Our experienced gun rights lawyers regularly:

Eligibility Requirements for a License

There are many eligibility requirements for a concealed pistol license. Washington law makes the CPL easy to get if you’re eligible but makes eligibility itself a little less straightforward. That’s where an experienced firearm lawyer comes in.

At Findley & Rogers, our experienced gun rights lawyers will walk you through the entire list of requirements, you will likely be denied a CPL if you:

  • Have a currently revoked concealed pistol license, you need to fix the underlying problem before you reapply.
  • Are subject to a court order prohibiting you from the possession of firearms.
  • Are awaiting trial, appeal, or sentencing for a felony offense, you must resolve your case favorably before applying for a CPL.
  • Have a warrant for your arrest in any state.
  • Have been ordered to forfeit a firearm within the last 12 months.
  • Have been convicted of a felony or many misdemeanor DV charges.

If you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements, we can discuss your options with you. Some of these situations can’t be fixed with legal help, but others can, and we will let you know where you stand during your free consultation.

Let Findley & Rogers Help You Get Your Concealed Pistol License

As firearm lawyers in Washington State, we can help fix problematic issues with your background check and appeal denials for a firearm purchase or your application for a concealed pistol license. Washington law is your ally, not your enemy, once you have a good attorney.

We can also help you clear your criminal record by vacating past convictions or sealing your adult or juvenile record from the public. As dedicated gun rights lawyers, we believe in restoring your rights and access to firearms.

We serve all Washington residents, no matter where you live in the state. You don’t have to come to us, either. We can handle virtually all your needs over the phone. Let us be your firearm lawyer!

Contact us today for a free consultation and review our client testimonials to see what clients just like you are saying about our services.


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