About Our Practice

Findley & Rogers was established in 2010 with the founding principal of helping those with criminal records understand their rights and potential future opportunities. Started by founding partners Corey Rogers and Fletcher Findley, Findley & Rogers aims to provide high-quality legal representation at an affordable rate. For almost a decade, we have helped individuals across Washington state clear their criminal convictions and restore their lost firearm rights.

Our attorneys come from a professional legal background in criminal defense and public service. Their expertise in state law and experience in courts throughout the State of Washington have helped numerous clients clear their criminal records through sealing, vacating, or expungement. From appealing FBI-NICS denials to restoring your firearm rights in Washington state, sealing juvenile records to ending your sex offender registration requirements, Findley & Rogers can help you move on with your life.

A Dedicated, Trustworthy Team

At Findley & Rogers, we charge an affordable, flat rate for almost all of our services, so you know in advance what you’ll be paying. We operate under the principle of complete transparency, meaning there are no hidden fees and no endlessly-accumulating hourly bills. We know that your time is important, that’s why we work around your schedule, often meeting clients on the weekend. With our experienced team of attorneys on your side, we are often able to resolve cases without our clients ever having to set foot in court. When you speak with us about your firearm right restoration or criminal record expungement, you can rest assured that your conversations with us are 100% confidential. We will work to resolve your issues both quickly and discreetly without any hassle to you.

Are you ready to start over in life? Contact us today to speak more about your individual case and how our team can help you regain the rights you deserve.