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Gun Rights Restoration in Snohomish

As a resident of Snohomish, gun rights restoration could be possible for you. If you’ve lost your gun rights due to a prior conviction, it can be difficult to not own a gun especially if you want to hunt or have a way to protect your family. Additionally, under Washington law, it might even be illegal for you to be in the same room as a gun, making things awkward in some social situations.

At Findley & Rogers, our experienced gun lawyers are here to help you restore your rights. Snohomish residents can restore their gun rights by completing certain legal requirements that can lead to your firearm rights restoration. We all make mistakes, and it’s understandable if you’re trying to get your life back together. For many people restoring their gun rights is the last step toward creating a better life and overcoming past mistakes.

For Washington state residents, including those in Snohomish, gun rights restoration is an important step toward a better life. Make your restoration process easy by working with knowledgeable firearm rights lawyers who understand the legal system, requirements, and can provide you with the information you need.

Determine Your Eligibility

Not everyone is going to be eligible to restore their gun rights. Those with a Class A felony or who have been convicted of a sex offense cannot expunge their record or own firearms, unless they were convicted as a juvenile, in some cases. There are also certain things you must do to become eligible for firearm rights restoration if your conviction involved a family or household member such as paying court fees, taking required classes, and completing probation. If you meet the requirements, gun rights restoration in Snohomish (and beyond!) may be a relatively simple process that will result in more freedom for you.

Avoid Other Crimes

To be eligible for restoration, you will need to also avoid committing any other crimes during the interim period between your sentencing and expungement. Even if you don’t commit the same crime twice, being a repeat offender could be detrimental to your case. If you’re in Snohomish, gun rights restoration could depend on you maintaining a clear record during the 3-10 year waiting period after your sentencing.

Let Findley & Rogers Work for You

At Findley & Rogers, we help Snohomish residents restore their gun rights so they can move on with their lives and regain their personal freedoms. Our competitive flat fee pricing can help make firearm rights restoration a possibility for any budget, and our flexible office hours work for you, no matter your schedule.

For residents of Snohomish, gun rights restoration is possible! Contact us today for your free consultation.