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Residents of Benton: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Do you have an old criminal conviction on your record? Did you know that, in most cases, it doesn’t have to remain on your record permanently? By meeting a few conditions you can get it “vacated,” also known as “expunged” or “cleared.”

If you’re living in the County or City of Benton, expunge your criminal record with help from our experienced criminal law attorneys at Findley & Law.

You Face Many Hardships with a Conviction

Washington state law recognizes that a criminal conviction can create hardship in a person’s life. It makes friendships and relationships harder. You’re more likely to fail a background check for a new job or a rental application for a home or apartment. It can also be extremely difficult to get a car loan or a mortgage. A conviction can make it next to impossible for you to build a public profile as a community leader or nonprofit board member.

In short, most of society treats a criminal conviction as a red flag—even if your crime was long ago, and you’ve changed and grown as a person since then. This loss of opportunity can lead to humiliation, poverty, and even recidivism (committing new crimes). But most crimes aren’t serious enough to warrant this sort of lifelong punishment.

That’s why Washington lets all residents statewide, including in Benton, clear your criminal record in most cases.

How State Law Works

As a resident of Benton, expunging your criminal record is actually pretty easy with assistance from an attorney. See our Vacating Past Convictions page for the full information, but the short version is that the legal process is something we can help you with, and it’s not all that expensive.

The state has two main requirements to let you, as a resident of Benton, expunge your criminal record:

  • Complete the waiting period (which varies from 3 to 10 years).
  • Fulfill your court-ordered obligations (like community service, parole, and fines).

Additionally, not all crimes are eligible. Class A felonies and violent crimes can’t be expunged.

Benton, Clear Your Criminal Record with Findley & Rogers

Findley & Rogers is a law firm focused on helping give people a second chance in life. We not only help people clear their records. We also work on restoring firearm rights, filing NICS appeals, sealing juvenile records and adult records (which is different from expungement), and ending sex offender registration requirements when allowed by the law, especially for juvenile convictions.

We are based in Seattle, but we routinely help clients statewide, and we can help you, as a resident of Benton, expunge your criminal record.

You’ve paid your debts to society a long time ago. Now it’s time to move on. Contact us today for a free consultation, and take back your life and opportunities.