Residents of King County: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Don’t let a past conviction continue to limit your life in

King County! Clear your criminal record

with the help of our experienced attorneys at Findley & Rogers today. Check out our Vacating Criminal Convictions page for more specific information about the process or read on to learn about expunging your record in King County.

Having a Prior Criminal History Is a Serious Burden

If you have an old conviction and somebody runs a background search on you, they’re going to discover your record. That makes it a lot harder to get ahead in life. You’ll get passed over for the best jobs, turned down by many landlords, and denied loans and credit by the banks.

It also hurts your public standing. Many people automatically think of someone with a criminal conviction as untrustworthy, even if your conviction was a long time ago and you’ve lived a productive life since then.

That’s why you should seriously consider having the conviction expunged.

When Are You Eligible for Expungement?

For those living in King County, expungement of a past criminal conviction from your record requires you to meet the following conditions:

  • You have to have complied with any and all court orders, including paying restitution, performing community service, serving a period of probation, and paying fines. Once you complete everything the court has ordered you to do, you will automatically meet this eligibility requirement.
  • Next, you must complete a waiting period. The idea behind this requirement is ensure that you aren’t likely to reoffend, but is not necessarily intended to keep the conviction in place for the rest of your life. The waiting period ranges from three to 10 years depending on your case. During this time you must not receive any new criminal convictions. A clean record during the waiting period indicates that you have reformed, learned from your mistakes, and are living a productive life in King County. Expungement also requires that you cannot have any new criminal charges currently pending when you file to have your record cleared.
  • Please note that Class A felonies and certain violent crimes cannot be expunged. These remain on your record permanently unless you were convicted as a juvenile.

Residents of King County, Clear Your Criminal Record Today!

Having a criminal history is more than embarrassing, it also makes life a lot harder economically. But your offense happened a long time ago. You weren’t as wise as you are today. Since then, you’ve built a positive, productive life for yourself, and you deserve the chance to move on from the past.

At Findley & Rogers, we’re proud to serve King County. Expunge your criminal history today, with our help. Let us guide you through the legal process so that there is no chance for mistakes. Contact us to discuss your situation with a free consultation.