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Residents of Spokane County: Expunge & Seal Your Criminal Record

We specialize in helping people expunge and seal their Spokane County records. Millions of Washingtonians live with an old criminal conviction on their records. It can hold you back from getting a good job or being approved for a mortgage or a rental. It can hurt your reputation in the community, as well as your business and personal relationships.

But did you know that you may be able to clear your criminal conviction in Spokane County? Expunge your criminal record, and suddenly many new opportunities will open up. Background checks will come back clean. You won’t have to explain the past to anyone. Having a conviction expunged means you no longer have to report it. It can stay in the past where it belongs.

With help from our experienced team of attorneys at Findley & Rogers, you can get on with your life. Clear your Spokane County records and take back your future!

Is Expungement Really Possible for Me?

In many cases, the answer is yes! In fact, expunging your Spokane County records is actually pretty easy once you get some assistance from an attorney, thanks to Washington state law. The law gives you the right to have convictions expunged or “vacated” if you meet certain conditions:

  • You have to pay any costs, such as fines or restitution, that the court ordered you to pay after you were convicted. You also must have successfully completed any community service, probation, parole, and actual prison time that you were sentenced to. In other words, you have to repay your debts to society before you can expunge your record.
  • The second key requirement to expunge your criminal record in Spokane County is that you can’t expunge recent convictions. Instead, you have to go for a period of several years—typically 3 to 10, depending on your specific case—without any new convictions, showing that you’ve paid your dues and have successfully moved on from whatever mistake you committed in the past. Then you’ll be eligible to expunge your Spokane County records.

You don’t have to travel to Seattle or Olympia. You can take care of everything right here in Spokane County. Expunge or seal your records without needing to travel, thanks to Findley & Rogers.

We Can Also Help Restore Your Firearm Rights & Seal Old Criminal Records

If you can satisfy these requirements, then Findley & Rogers can help you navigate the legal process and court paperwork in Spokane County, clear your criminal record, and get your life back on track.

But that’s not all we can do. As part of a criminal conviction, many people also lose their firearm rights. We can help you with:

Additionally, we can help you seal old criminal records. Sealing is a different procedure from expungement and has benefits of its own. Sealing Spokane County records makes them unavailable to the general public, which can greatly help protect your privacy. We can help you with:

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It’s time to expunge and seal your Spokane County records. There’s a lot to gain by taking back control of your legal record, and it is your right under the law so long as you meet the requirements.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll help you determine your overall situation, your legal rights and options, and, if it’s possible, we’ll help you, as a resident of Spokane County, expunge your criminal record for good.