Residents of Tacoma: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Don’t settle for letting a past conviction limit your life in

Tacoma! Clear your criminal record

. Findley & Rogers has experienced attorneys who are ready to help. Check out our Vacating Criminal Convictions page to learn details about the process or read on to learn more about the benefit of expunging your record in Tacoma.

The Heavy Burden of a Prior Criminal Conviction

Past convictions hang over your head wherever you go. You will struggle to get the jobs you want, to rent an apartment, or to apply for credit or loans. Anytime someone runs a background check, they’re going to discover your criminal conviction, and they’ll likely reject your application.

Having a criminal record also hurts your public image because your past can be used against you to damage your reputation within your community.

Eligibility Requirements

If you live in Tacoma, criminal history expungement requires these conditions:

  • You must comply with everything the court ordered you to do, including probation, community service, and any fines or restitution you were ordered to pay.
  • You must complete a waiting period of three to 10 years after your case without having any new convictions or pending charges. The exact length of this period depends on the specifics of your case.
  • To expunge a conviction in Tacoma, the conviction must not have been for a Class A felony or violent crime. Those convictions are unable to be vacated, unless you were convicted as a juvenile.

Once your conviction is expunged, you can legally state that you were not convicted for that crime. Additionally, background check companies must stop reporting the conviction so it won’t show up when employers, landlords, and banks run a background search.

Does Expungement Restore Your Gun Rights?

No, it doesn’t. If you lost your firearm rights, expungement of any prior convictions will not restore them. The process to restore firearm rights in Washington is governed in state law by RCW 9.41.040.

At Findley & Rogers, we can help you restore your gun rights. Check out our Firearm Rights Restoration page to learn more about this process.

Residents of Tacoma, Clear Your Criminal Record Today!

Your conviction happened a long time ago. You weren’t as responsible or wise as you are today. It’s time to move beyond.

You deserve the opportunity to move on with your life and stop being held back by your old convictions. This is the advantage of expunging your record.

If you live in Tacoma, it’s time to expunge your criminal record today. At Findley & Rogers, we can help you through the process. Contact us to discuss your situation. The consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose. Get started now.