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Spokane County: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Do you have a criminal record in Spokane County? Expunge your criminal record to help make your life better. Everyone makes mistakes, and you shouldn’t have to keep paying for the slip-ups you made in the past. A criminal record can make it hard to get a job, employment, loans, and housing. It can also be embarrassing to admit to new friends and co-workers that you have a conviction on your record.

You can change that! At Findley & Rogers, we can help you, as a resident of Spokane Valley County, clear your criminal record.

Expunging Your Criminal Record in Spokane Valley County: Are You Eligible?

If you are able to meet the requirements to have your criminal record cleared, Findley & Rogers can help you figure out the best way to proceed and clear your name.

It is important to note, however, that Findley & Rogers might not be able to help every resident of Spokane County. Expunging your criminal record is only available to people whom the court deems eligible. There are some crimes that the state of Washington does not allow to be expunged including Class A felonies and crimes against persons. While many cases are eligible, it’s important to check if you are able to have your case expunged. Even if you’re unable to have your record cleared, Findley & Rogers might be able to provide some help.

Consider How Long it Has Been

There are some time requirements for clearing your criminal record. The amount of time you’re required to wait depends on the crime you were sentenced for and your specific court case. If the required amount of time has passed and you meet all other requirements, you could be eligible to have your case expunged. Our experienced expungement lawyers are not only able to help you through the process but can also help you determine your eligibility.

Meet Your Court Requirements

If you want to, as a resident of Spokane County, expunge your criminal record, you’ll have to be sure you’re meeting all your court mandated requirements. This not only means completing any jail or probation time the court has ordered but also completing their other requirements such as mandatory classes, community service, or different types of therapy.

Additionally, you will have to make sure you pay any fines or court fees associated with your case. To have your record cleared in Spokane County (and beyond!), these fines must be paid in full.

Take Back Your Life Today

If you live in Spokane County, clear your criminal record with the help of Findley & Rogers. Our attorneys believe in a second chance and can help you improve your life, your financial situation, and your reputation.

Residents of Spokane County: expunge your criminal record. If you’re ready to take back your life, contact us today for a free consultation!