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Spokane Valley Gun Rights Restoration

Did you lose your right to own a gun? Do you want it back?

If you currently live in Spokane Valley, gun rights restoration may be possible for you under state law!

How Do I Get My Gun Rights Back in Spokane Valley?

In order to restore your rights, here are the steps you have to get through:

If You Have a DV Casem, You Must Do What the Court Ordered You to Do

At your sentencing you may have been given orders like:

  • Serve Probation
  • Pay Fines and restitution
  • Serve Community service
  • Complete Treatment

Before you can get your gun rights back, you have to do whatever the court ordered.

Is Everyone Eligible?

No, some people are not eligible. The Spokane Valley gun rights restoration process is not available to people with the following disqualifying issues:

  • A felony sex offense
  • An active domestic violence restraining order or injunction
  • A Class A felony
  • A felony with a maximum sentence of 20 years or greater

You also need to be clean since your conviction. That means no new criminal convictions, and no charges currently pending against you. Otherwise, you’ll have to begin the waiting period over again.

What’s the Waiting Period?

The last step is a mandatory waiting period. The waiting period begins when you are convicted, or released from custody, whichever is later.

The waiting period for misdemeanors is 3 years, and for felonies, it’s 5 years. The wait can be 10 years if you have more than one conviction. We can review your records to determine exactly when you will be eligible.

Where Does Findley & Rogers Come In?

In addition to helping you with your Spokane Valley, gun rights restoration process, we’ll handle the entire legal process for you. Think of us as your guides in navigating the legal system!

The law isn’t as scary as many people think: It’s just extremely specific which is how many people fail if they try to navigate it on their own. Our legal team will help you by taking away the hassle, legal research, and doubt you’d face going the process alone.

We Offer Additional Legal Services!

In addition to helping you succeed in your Spokane Valley, gun rights restoration case, our experienced legal team at Findley & Rogers can help you with these other gun-related legal issues:

We also offer some other legal services that aren’t related to gun rights, but can be a big help in getting your life back on track after an old conviction:

When you call us for your free consultation, feel free to ask us about any of these services! We strongly believe in members of the public taking their rights back whenever possible.

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If you’re living in Spokane Valley: Gun rights restoration may be a lot closer of a reality for you than you realize!

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