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Yakima Gun Rights Restoration

Have you lost your firearm rights due to an old conviction on your record? Are you currently living in Yakima? Gun rights restoration may be within your reach! Washington law provides a way for most people who have lost their gun rights to get them back again in the future. It’s time for you to start over, and at Findley & Rogers, we can help.

How Does the Yakima Gun Rights Restoration Process Work?

The Yakima gun rights restoration process has several eligibility requirements:

Sentencing Requirements Must Be Completed for any Domestic Violence Related Cases

For DV cases,  you must have paid back your debts to society by successfully completing all of your sentencing requirements as ordered by the court. These tend to include obligations such as:

  • A term of probation
  • Hours of community service
  • The payment of court-ordered fines and restitution
  • Treatment

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Any of the following may prevent you from getting your gun rights restored in Yakima, including:

  • An active domestic violence restraining order or injunction
  • A sex offense felony conviction
  • A Class A felony conviction, or felony conviction for an offense with a maximum sentence of 20+ years

A Waiting Period Must Also Be Completed

Next, there is a waiting period, and it is mandatory. It begins when you are convicted or released from custody, whichever comes later.

You cannot have had any new convictions in the meantime, nor can you have any criminal charges actively pending against you now.

How Long Does the Waiting Period Last?

  • Misdemeanors: 3 years
  • Felonies: 5 years (10 years in some cases where you have more than one disqualifying conviction. We can review your records to determine your eligibility.)

Do I Need to Return to Court in the County / State I Was Convicted In?

No, this isn’t necessary. Regardless of where you were convicted, if you are a resident of Yakima, gun rights restoration is something you can do right here in Yakima County, or wherever you live in Washington State.

How Does Findley & Rogers Help?

Our legal guidance will make this process as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible, while also maximizing your chances of success. Think of us as your guides in dealing with the legal system. With us, you don’t have to worry about doing your own legal research, and you can trust that all your legal paperwork will be correctly filed.

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Contact Findley & Rogers and Take Back Your Gun Rights

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