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Everett Gun Rights Restoration

Are you one of the thousands of folks across Washington who lost your firearm rights in the past due to an old criminal conviction?

You may be able to get those rights restored back to you, and you can do it right here in Everett. Gun rights restoration is a real possibility!

State law recognizes our constitutional firearm rights and specifically provides a way for most people who have lost these rights to reclaim them in the future. At Findley & Rogers, we specialize in making that happen.

Who Is Eligible for Everett Gun Rights Restoration?

To qualify for the Everett gun rights restoration process, there are a few things you have to do.

Completing Your Court-Ordered Obligations for DV cases

First, if your case involved domestic violence,  you must carry out everything the court ordered you to complete when you were sentenced. This is typically thought of as paying back your debts to society, usually in the form of requirements like:

  • Completing your probation period
  • Paying court fees, fines, or restitution
  • Doing your community service

It is not required to complete all sentence conditions in order to restore firearm rights for non-DV cases.

Completing the Waiting Period

After you’ve done this, the only remaining requirement for you to complete is the mandatory waiting period. This waiting period is intended to show that you’ve gotten your life back on track. For the Everett gun rights restoration process to be successful, you can’t have any new convictions during this time, and you also can’t have any currently pending criminal charges.

The waiting period begins as soon as you are convicted or released from custody, whichever comes later. A subsequent conviction does reset this waiting period.

How Long Is the Waiting Period?

That depends on whether you have a misdemeanor or a felony:

  • 3 years for a misdemeanor
  • 5 years for a felony

Do Some Crimes Make Me Ineligible?

Yes. You cannot get your gun rights back if:

  • You have a current domestic violence restraining order or injunction
  • You have a conviction for a felony sex offense
  • You have a Class A felony conviction
  • You have a felony conviction for an offense with a maximum sentence of 20+ years

Do I Need to Go Back to Court in the County / State I Was Convicted In?

No, you don’t! No matter where you were convicted, if you are a resident of Everett, gun rights restoration is something you can do right here in town at the county courthouse.

What About the Paperwork?

Findley & Rogers will take care of as much of this as possible for you. We’ll guide you through the entire process so that it’s as hassle-free as can be. We’ll make sure everything is done correctly so that you have the highest chance of success!

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If you’re living in Everett, gun rights restoration may be in your grasp. If you want to regain your right to own a gun, we can help you figure out how to make it happen. Contact Findley & Rogers today for a free consultation.