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Kent Gun Rights Restoration

If you’re one of the of folks across Washington who have lost your firearm rights in the past due to an old criminal conviction. Are you currently living in Kent? Gun rights restoration is a real possibility, and potentially easier than you think!

Washington state law specifically provides a way for most people who have lost their gun rights to get them back in the future. And at Findley & Rogers, that’s our focus.

How Does the Kent Gun Rights Restoration Process Work?

In order to carry out the Kent gun rights restoration process, here’s what needs to be done:

Complete Your Sentencing Requirements for DV cases

The first and most important step is to carry out all of your sentencing requirements for any and all domestic violence related cases. Essentially, this is like paying back your debts to society, so there’s no getting out of it. Sentencing requirements regularly include things like:

  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Restitution, court fees, and other fines

It is not necessary to complete all sentence conditions for non-DV cases before restoring rights.

Complete the Waiting Period

After you’ve completed your sentencing requirements, in order to pursue the Kent gun rights restoration process, you must also complete a mandatory waiting period. During this time, you can’t have any new convictions, and you also can’t have any new criminal charges pending against you presently.

The waiting period begins when you are convicted or when you are released from custody, any new conviction before that time has elapsed will reset the waiting period. However, we find that for most of our clients this isn’t a problem as the conviction on their record is from a long time ago and they have long since repaid their obligations.

How Long Is the Waiting Period?

3 years for a misdemeanor and 5 years for a felony. In some cases the wait can be 10 years depending on your conviction history. We can review your records and let you know when you will be eligible.

Who Isn’t Eligible?

You can’t have any of the following:

  • An active domestic violence restraining order or injunction
  • A conviction for a felony sex offense
  • No Class A felony conviction, or felony conviction for an offense with a maximum sentence of 20+ years

Do I Need to Return to Court in the County / State I Was Convicted In?

You can if you prefer, but no, it isn’t required. No matter where you were convicted, if you are a current resident of Kent, gun rights restoration is something you can do right here in King County.

Ask About Our Other Legal Services

We can do more than just help with your Kent, gun rights restoration case. Our experienced legal team also offers these other firearm rights services:

Additionally, Findley & Rogers offers non-firearm legal services that can help you start over in life, including:

Old convictions can be a huge liability on applications for housing, jobs, or credit, so these steps can really help you out. We’ll be happy to talk about them with you during your free consultation.

Let Findley & Rogers Get Your Rights Back

If you’re living in Kent, gun rights restoration may finally be within your reach. Contact Findley & Rogers today for that free consultation.