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Expunge Your Criminal Record in Kent

Your past mistakes don’t have to follow you forever. Everyone makes mistakes, but if your convictions are following you and making your life harder, you should know help is available! Our attorneys in Kent can help you expunge your criminal record. Expunging your record will make it seem as if the conviction never existed and can make it easier for you to live your best life. Expungement can lead to more job opportunities, housing options, and the ability to focus on a better life for yourself.

Having your criminal record cleared won’t fix all your problems, but it can help with the root of many issues you may face such as unfair social criticism and discrimination when it comes to applying for loans, rental applications, and more. Everything from getting a job to a house can be negatively impacted by a past conviction on your criminal record. If you’re in Kent, clear your criminal record with the help of our experienced attorneys!

Clearing your Criminal Record in Kent: The Removal Process

For many people, removing crimes from their record is a relatively straightforward process. Luckily, with the help of our experienced expungement lawyers, we can help you determine how long you have to wait and what you need to do to have the record removed.

There are some crimes that are not allowed to be removed from your record. While our attorneys are unable to help you remove these crimes because of state and federal laws that are in place, there are some things we can do that might ease the burden of these crimes on your record.

The Waiting Period

There is a waiting period for expungement in Washington. Depending on your conviction, you could have to wait anywhere from three to 10 years to be eligible to remove your crime. Just waiting the allotted time, however, doesn’t guarantee you’ll have your record removed.

Court Requirements

In every part of Washington, including Kent, expunging your criminal record requires you wait the set amount of time and follow through on all other obligations (like paying court fees) dictated by your conviction. Once you have completed these mandatory processes, our attorneys can help you expunge your record.

The court has requirements in place that all people must meet if they want to have their cases expunged. Make sure you complete any supervision requirements that were a part of your sentence such as finishing classes you were ordered to take or serving mandatory parole time assigned.

Clearing Your Record Can Help

If you’re in Kent, clear your criminal record! Choosing to clear your record can make it easier for you to live as a functioning member of society.

If you’re a resident of Kent, we can help you expunge your criminal record. Our attorneys are able to answer questions and help you get set up for a free consultation. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you!