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Get Help with Gun Rights Restoration in Pierce County

If you’ve had your gun rights taken away, it might seem impossible to think you’ll ever get them back. Good news! For residents of Washington state, including Pierce County, gun rights restoration is possible! Having your gun rights taken away can feel like a punishment that’s going to last forever, but, in most cases, there are ways to get your gun rights restored. The process is often simple and might even be quick if you’ve already satisfied required court requirements from past convictions.

At Findley & Rogers, our experienced gun lawyers can help Pierce County residents to restore their gun rights so that they can purchase firearms to protect themselves, their families, and return to recreational activities like hunting.

Can You Restore Your Gun Rights in Pierce County and Beyond?

While the majority of cases are eligible for gun rights restoration, there are some instances where owning a firearm after a conviction is not possible. If you have a Class A felony or sex offense, this could be you. If you do not fit into either one of these categories, however, you may be eligible for gun rights restoration in Pierce County (and beyond!). In order to restore your firearm rights, you must clear your criminal record. This involves meeting a few requirements and showing the courts that you have changed since your past conviction.

Meet Your Court Requirements for DV cases

If your conviction involved a family or household member, for Pierce County gun rights restoration you will need to fulfill court sentence obligations. Part of your conviction may have been jail time or probation, but there were likely other stipulations that you were required to fulfill such as paying your fines, finishing the allotted time for probation, or attending classes or therapies the court required. Completing these requirements is the first step towards restoring your firearm rights for a DV charge.

Don’t Get in More Trouble

A big part of gun rights restoration in Pierce County and the state of Washington is being able to show the courts you’ve cleaned up your act. This means having no new convictions. For both misdemeanor and felony charges, you must have completed the required waiting period before applying for firearm restoration. This time limit can be anywhere from 3 to 10 years. If you have questions about whether or not you have met your requirements, our lawyers can help.

Findley & Rogers Help with Gun Rights Restoration

We can help Pierce County residents to restore gun rights if you meet requirements and your case is eligible. While the process usually goes smoothly, it is a complex one and something you might not want to attempt on your own. Our attorneys can help you figure out all the steps you need to take, and our flat fee pricing always keeps the process transparent.

If you’re a resident of Pierce County, gun rights restoration could help you get your life back. Contact us today to set up your free consultation!