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Residents of Everett: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Do you live with a criminal conviction on your record? Did you know you may be able to clear that conviction right here in Everett? Expunging your criminal record of an old offense is a real option that many people don’t know about, and it can change your life. At Findley & Rogers, our experienced team of attorneys can help you make it happen!

The Burden of a Prior Conviction

If you live in or near Everett, clearing your criminal record is about more than just pride. Having a criminal conviction is a heavy burden in our society. Even if the offense is many years old, and you’ve been a good citizen since then, that one conviction can make your life much more difficult.

With a conviction, you probably already know how much harder it can be to find an apartment, get a car loan, or apply for a decent job. It can hurt your standing in the community, and it’s no fun having to explain your past when it comes up with new friends and acquaintances.

What You Can Do

The good news is that Washington state law provides a way to clear all but the most serious convictions. (Class A felonies and violent crimes against others cannot be expunged.) If you live in Everett, you can expunge your criminal record fairly easily.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Pass the waiting period. You can’t expunge new convictions. Depending on your case, that means that 3 to 10 years must have passed since your convictions. During this time, you must not have had any new convictions, and you must not currently have any charges pending against you.
  • Comply with everything the court ordered you to do when you were sentenced. This usually means paying fines or restitution, performing community service, and successfully completing parole and/or probation.

Contact Findley & Rogers

Residents of Everett: Clear your criminal record today! The first step is to contact us at Findley & Rogers. We’ll sit down with you for a free consultation to discuss your questions and your overall situation. We’ll be able to help you determine what your options are, and we can guide you through the legal system so that you have the best chance of success.

This is an opportunity to get your life on a better track. The consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by calling us. If you live in or near Everett, we can help expunge your criminal record. Contact us at Findley & Rogers to get started on the path to putting the past behind you.