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Residents of Kitsap County: Gun Rights Restoration in WA

Did you know that if you lost your firearm rights in the past, there’s a good chance you can get them back—right here in Kitsap County? Gun rights are highly cherished under Washington State law, due to the constitutional right to bear arms. This means that state law specifically provides a way for citizens to restore their firearm rights in most circumstances.

If you’re ready to take back your rights, the knowledgeable team of attorneys at Findley & Rogers is ready to help you do it!

What Are the Legal Requirements of Kitsap County Gun Rights Restoration?

Before you can begin the legal process here in Kitsap County, gun rights restoration carries the following requirements:

  • If your case involved Domestic Violence, you must comply with everything you were ordered to do by the court that sentenced you, such as paying all fines or restitution, completing probation/parole, and finishing all your community service and any treatment.
  • There’s a waiting period of 3 to 10 years which depends on the particulars of your case.
  • You can’t have a Class A felony, sex offenses, or various specific violent crimes against others, on your record.

Do I Have to Go to Court in the County Where I Was Convicted?

No, if you reside in Kitsap County then you can get your rights restored right here in Kitsap County. Gun rights restoration is its own process and doesn’t require you to return to the county where you were convicted, though you could if you wanted to.

Do I Need My Conviction Vacated First?

No, it isn’t necessary for you to have your conviction vacated. (This is also known as “clearing your record” or “expunging your record.”) Likewise, vacating your conviction doesn’t automatically restore your right to possess a firearm. These are two different legal processes.

However, vacating an old conviction has several economic and social advantages. If you’re interested, Findley & Rogers can help you vacate your old conviction. You can clear your criminal record right here in Kitsap County! Gun rights restoration and clearing your record go well together when it comes to repairing your legal standing.

Contact Findley & Rogers for a Free Consultation

There are many folks out there who have an old felony conviction that has held them down for a long time. These people have long since become upstanding, productive members of society, and they don’t realize that the law entitles them to get back their gun rights.

If you meet the requirements for having your gun rights restored, then it is absolutely your right to ask the court to restore them to you. It’s something you can do right here in Kitsap County. Gun rights are a rich part of our American heritage, and it’s time for you to get yours back.

Contact Findley & Rogers today for a free initial consultation. We’ll go over your situation with you, let you know how we can help, and give you a sense of what the next steps are. Give us a call and restore your rights today.