Residents of Seattle: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Don’t let a prior conviction have a negative influence on your life in

Seattle! Clear your criminal record

with legal assistance from Findley & Rogers. Our outstanding, highly experienced attorneys can help you put the past behind you. Visit our Vacating Criminal Convictions page if you’d like to know more details about expungement itself or keep reading to learn about the value of taking control over your personal information by expunging your record in Seattle.

Many People Don’t Realize How Much a Prior Conviction Really Costs

Seattle can be a challenging place to live. The cost of living is high, whether you’re buying a house or a sandwich. To get ahead, you can’t afford to have an old criminal conviction working against you.

Are you trying to rent a house or apartment? Are you applying for a good job? What about a loan? Good luck. Prior convictions are a red flag on any application. Having a criminal history paints you as a bad egg in the eyes of many people with control over your future. You’ll often be turned down before you ever get the chance to explain your side of the story. Such a stigma can be heartbreaking and can make life very difficult in Seattle. Expungement solves all of these problems.

A prior conviction is also terrible for your public reputation and your involvement in the community. In many people’s eyes, having a criminal conviction means you are untrustworthy and immoral. And, once they’ve made up their minds, there’s not much you can do to change them.

In short, the best way to deal with a criminal conviction is not to have one. That means you need to clear your criminal conviction in Seattle.

Who Is Eligible for Expungement of a Criminal Conviction?

Thankfully, while you can’t go back in time and undo a past mistake, in most circumstances you can have the conviction expunged from your record.

For Washingtonians living in Seattle, criminal expungement from your record requires the following conditions to be met:

  • You must complete a waiting period of three to 10 years, depending on your specific case. During this time, you cannot receive any additional criminal convictions, nor can you have any criminal charges pending currently.
  • You must also do everything the court ordered you to do. This commonly includes paying restitution, completing community service, and successfully completing probation.
  • Lastly, the conviction you wish to expunge cannot be a Class A felony nor can it be a serious crime against another person. It isn’t possible to expunge those convictions unless you were convicted as a juvenile.

Residents of Seattle, Clear Your Criminal Record Today!

Old criminal convictions create economic hardship and embarrassment. If your conviction is well in the past and you’ve lived a responsible life since then, you are likely eligible to have the conviction expunged. You deserve the chance to move forward.

If you’re living in Seattle, it’s time to expunge your criminal record. Findley & Rogers can guide you through the legal process. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case.