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Residents of Spokane County: Gun Rights Restoration in WA

Have you lost your right to own a gun? It’s frustrating, even embarrassing. You’re also well aware that, in Spokane County, gun rights are a part of the culture. As a part of the rich heritage we share as Americans, your lack of firearm rights can hold you back from:

  • Hunting
  • Target practice
  • Defending your home
  • Exercising your constitutional rights

Many people are eligible to get their rights restored under state law but don’t realize it. You might be one of them! At Findley & Rogers, we value our heritage and our constitutional liberties, and we want to help you restore yours.

If you’re in Spokane County, gun rights might be yours again soon. Let our knowledgeable team of attorneys help you get them back.

Legal Requirements of Spokane County Gun Rights Restoration

To have your firearm rights restored, you must:

  • Pass a 3-to-10 year waiting period. The exact amount of time depends on your specific case.
  • If your case involved domestic violence you must also complete your probation or parole without incident, pay all fines, fees, and restitution, do your community service, and carry out anything else the court ordered you to do when you were sentenced.
  • You can’t have any new charges currently pending against you.
  • You must not have been convicted of a Class A felony or sex offenses..

Can’t I Just “Represent Myself”? Why Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney is not legally mandatory; however, there are some benefits to hiring legal representation to help you restore your rights.

  • It saves time. With us doing the heavy lifting, you won’t have to spend hours of your own time on things like legal research and filling out legal paperwork here in Spokane. Gun rights are simple in principle, but the specifics of the law are not simple at all.
  • It ensures that your motion is legally effective. No one is going to tell you that you did something wrong, if you represent yourself, until you try to purchase a firearm and get denied, or worse, get arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.
  • It can actually save money. Even though an attorney costs money, one of the main benefits of hiring the experienced attorneys at Findley & Rogers is that you can save money. The legal system is infamous for being bureaucratic and overly specific. One mistake in your paperwork can cause you to have to start over again and pay your court filing costs again. Not a happy outcome.

We’re legal professionals who can serve you right here in Spokane County. Gun rights restoration is worth the investment.

Call Findley & Rogers to Get Back Your Rights!

At Findley & Rogers, we are passionate about restoring firearm rights to ordinary, hard-working people like you. There’s a very good chance that your old criminal conviction isn’t a permanent barrier to getting your rights back.

This is something you can do today, right here in Spokane County. Gun rights restoration can help you bring closure to the past and move on with your life with a sense of pride and dignity.

Contact Findley & Rogers now, and get a free consultation to see how we can help you. There’s nothing to lose!

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