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Residents of Clark County: Gun Rights Restoration in WA

For residents of Clark County, gun rights restoration is a real possibility. If you’ve had your firearm rights taken away by the court in past years, there’s a good chance you can get them back. Washington State law recognizes the right to bear arms and specifically provides a means for members of the public to reclaim their firearm rights after repaying their debt to society.

Here at Findley & Rogers, our highly experienced attorneys can help you make sense of this legal process and restore your firearm rights!

Clark County Gun Rights Restoration Requirements

In Clark County, gun rights restoration is a legal process with several requirements. You must:

  • Wait 3 to 10 years from your conviction.
  • If your case involved domestic violence you must also have done whatever the court ordered, such as community service and paying all fines.

Also, it isn’t possible to reinstate your gun rights if you have a Class A felony, or sex offense on your record. Ask us for the specifics if you’re worried about this.

Do I Have to Go Back to the Court Where I Was Convicted?

Thankfully, no. If you prefer, you can back to the court in the county where you were convicted; however, you can also do it in the county where you currently reside. So, if you’re in Clark County but your conviction was in another county, you can still restore your rights through Clark County! Gun rights restoration is a separate legal process from the conviction that took away your gun rights in the first place.

Do I Need To Get My Conviction Expunged Too?

No. Expunging or “clearing” your record, formally known as “vacating” an old criminal conviction, is a separate legal process from restoring your gun rights. Vacating your old conviction won’t restore your right to possess a firearm.

However, clearing your record offers its own social and financial benefits. This is one of the legal services we offer at Findley & Rogers, right here in Clark County. Gun rights go hand-in-hand with clearing your record in Clark County, so, if you’re interested, ask us about vacating your prior criminal conviction.

Get Your Gun Rights Back with Findley & Rogers

If you have an old conviction in your past that has bogged you down for years, there’s a good chance you can restore your rights —right here in Clark County. Gun rights are one of our essential personal liberties, so don’t let your past choices hold you back.

If you think you meet the requirements to have your gun rights restored, or if you want an experienced attorney’s help in figuring that out, contact Findley & Rogers today. Our initial consultation with you is 100% free and will give you a clear idea of what the next steps are. You have nothing to lose by asking, so give us a call!