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Residents of Thurston: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Do you have an old criminal conviction on your history? If you do, Washington state law lets you, as a resident of Thurston, expunge your criminal record in most cases.

The Hardships of Living with a Conviction

If you have a prior conviction on your criminal history, it can feel like a cruel joke living so close to Olympia but experiencing life as a second-class citizen. You’ve probably experienced some of the following:

  • Your conviction always shows up on background reports, making it much harder for you to get a good-paying, long-lasting job.
  • Being approved for a house or apartment can be extremely frustrating, especially with the rental market being as tight as it is. This can be so difficult that it’s reason enough to expunge your criminal record in Thurston!
  • If you’re not already rich, you can forget about applying for a loan or mortgage with good interest rates: Banks won’t touch you with a criminal conviction, or they’ll charge you a ton.

And that’s to say nothing about the damage it does to your relationships and your involvement in the community when people learn about your crime. Sometimes individual people are forgiving, but with society as a whole, it doesn’t matter how long ago your conviction was, or how much you’ve improved as a person over the years. You will always be judged by that one mistake.

Let Findley & Rogers Fight for You

At Findley & Rogers, we don’t think a person should be punished their whole life for one incident from the past. We believe in giving people a second chance, and we can help you, as a resident in Thurston, expunge your criminal record.

When we talk with you for your free consultation, we’ll answer your questions and help put your legal situation into perspective, so that you know what your rights and options are. From there, our team of attorneys can help you, if you’re living in Thurston, clear your criminal record. We’ll deal with the legal process for you, minimizing the time and hassle you have to spend on it.

Eligibility Requirements for Criminal Expungement

As a resident of Thurston, expunging your criminal record is actually pretty easy with assistance from an attorney. We handle most of the paperwork and legal side of things. What you have to do is basically these two things:

  • Fulfill your obligations to the court by doing whatever it ordered you to do: serving your time, completing parole, paying restitution and fines, etc.
  • Complete a period of 3 to 10 years (depending on your situation) without any new convictions.

If you meet both of these requirements, you can get started on expungement right now.

Contact Findley & Rogers to Begin

Clearing your criminal record in Thurston isn’t some kind of legal trick. It is your right under the laws of Washington State, so long as you meet the legal requirements.

Contact Findley & Rogers today for your free consultation, and make your life and your record yours again.