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Residents of Clark County: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Do you have an old criminal conviction, arrest, or another blemish on your record that has been holding you back? Findley & Rogers helps ordinary folks with expunging or sealing Clark County arrest records, Washington State criminal convictions, and other court records.

Clark County record sealing and expungement is an option that is easier than you might expect, if you have help from knowledgeable law professionals who can guide you through the process. With help from our team of attorneys at Findley & Rogers, you may be able to clear that conviction from your record or seal your adult or juvenile record. You don’t even have to come up to Olympia or Seattle; you can do it right here in Clark County. Expunge or seal your record without having to travel!

Expunging or sealing Clark County arrest records, Washington State criminal convictions, and other court records can significantly improve your life in Clark County. Clearing your criminal record is about more than just pride. It’s about increasing your opportunities for things like jobs, housing, and loans. And it’s about restoring your public integrity and reputation.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

So, how do you actually seal or expunge Clark County arrest records, Washington convictions, and other blemishes on your record?

Washington state law lets you, as a resident of Clark County, expunge your criminal record in most cases. Only violent crimes against others and Class A felonies are permanently ineligible for expungement. The vast majority of criminal charges and convictions, arrest records, and other legal records will eventually qualify for Clark County record sealing and/or expungement.

Sealing records is not as commonly done (unless they’re juvenile records), but it’s not rare either, and we can help you figure out if this is a path worth pursuing.

Expunging or sealing Clark County arrest records, Washington convictions, etc., is eventually available to the vast majority of people with a record. Here are the two main requirements you have to meet:

Fulfill Your Court Obligations

First, you need to completely fulfill your obligations to the court. When you were convicted, as part of your sentence the court ordered you to do certain things. This could include everything from prison time to community service, to parole and fines and restitution.

Unfortunately, you cannot proceed with Clark County record sealing or expungement until you completely do whatever the court has required, but in many people’s cases, these requirements are already done or can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

Also, the law was changed in recent years so that the waiting period (discussed below) starts immediately after your release from custody (or your conviction, if you were not incarcerated), rather than after you’ve paid any fines or restitution. This is good news for most people because the financial barrier of having to pay off all your fines and restitution kept many people from being able to exercise their right under the law to expunge or seal their Clark County, Washington, arrest records and more.

Go for Several Years Without New Criminal Convictions

The other main requirement to be able to file a Clark County expunge record petition with the court is that you need to complete a waiting period ranging from 3 – 10 years, depending on your circumstances. During this time you must not have any new convictions, and you must not have any new criminal charges pending against you presently.

In other words, you can’t expunge a recent conviction. Expunging or sealing Clark County, Washington, arrest records and criminal convictions can only take place once you’re able to show the court that you’ve moved on with your life, which is why this waiting period exists.

Choose Findley & Rogers to Guide You Through the Legal Process

We’ve all made mistakes in our past. We’ve all learned from them. You shouldn’t be held back for the rest of your life because of a mistake that’s far in the past. Thankfully, most Clark County arrest records and Washington State criminal convictions can be wiped clean through expungement and/or sealing.

If you can satisfy these requirements, then Findley & Rogers can help you navigate the legal system in Clark County, expunge your criminal record, and get your life back on track.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your criminal record and your options for Clark County record sealing or expungement.

So long as you meet the legal eligibility requirements, clearing your criminal record in Clark County is your right under the law. Let Findley & Rogers help you today!