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Residents of Whatcom County: Gun Rights Restoration in WA

If you’ve lost your gun rights, there’s a good chance you can get them back! At Findley & Rogers, we’re experienced in restoring firearm rights. Here’s a look at some common questions about restoring your gun rights in Whatcom County.

Will Restoring My Gun Rights in Whatcom County Cost Me Money?

Yes, you will have to pay some money to Whatcom County. Gun rights restoration is a civil legal proceeding that requires a court filing fee. Expect this to cost a few hundred dollars. In 2019, the filing fee here in Whatcom County is $240.

In addition, there would be a legal fee that you would pay us, or any other attorney, to help you navigate the legal system. To get an idea of how much this would cost, contact us for a free consultation. That would give us the information we’d need in order to give you an estimate.

Do You Help with Other Gun Rights Issues?

Yes! We offer many legal services for firearm owners and would-be firearm owners in Whatcom County. Gun rights are one of the core areas of our practice. Findley & Rogers can also help you:

What Are the Requirements?

The requirements for restoring your gun rights in Washington are simple:

  • Complete a waiting period of 3 to 10 years depending on your circumstances.
  • Comply with anything the court ordered you to do such as community service or paying fines or restitution.
  • You must not have been convicted of a Class A felony or certain kinds of violent crimes.

Does Restoring My State Gun Rights Restore My Federal Gun Rights Too?

If you lost your gun rights due to a felony conviction, then restoring your Whatcom County gun rights restores your rights throughout Washington State, and, in most cases, federally as well.

The fine print is a little more complicated, so feel free to ask us about that when you contact us, but generally speaking the answer is “yes:” If you get your gun rights back in Washington, you can, for example, move to another state and your right to possess a gun would carry over.

Get Your Gun Rights Back with Findley & Rogers

Many of our clients are honest, hardworking people who made a mistake long ago and have long since lived an upstanding, decent life. If you have lost your gun rights in the past, and you meet the qualifications for restoring them, you have every right to petition the court to restore your rights to you. In Whatcom County, gun rights are a part of the culture, and it is a real loss to go without them any longer than you have to.

Contact Findley & Rogers today to talk about restoring your gun rights and clearing your criminal record in Whatcom county. Your initial consultation is completely free, and we’ll use it to give you a good sense of what your options are and what the next steps will look like. Don’t waste any more time — restore your rights today.