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Residents of Bellevue: Expunge Your Criminal Record

Having a criminal conviction on your record makes life a lot harder. From getting a job to renting a place to live, that conviction shows up whenever somebody runs a background check on you, and it can close the door to countless opportunities. It can hurt your reputation, strain your relationships, and it can rob you of dignity.

Despite all the hardships it causes, many people don’t realize that most criminal convictions don’t have to remain on their record forever. If you’re living in Bellevue, expunge your criminal record with the help of the experienced criminal law attorneys at Findley & Rogers. We can also help you restore lost firearm rights.

At Findley & Rogers, we use our knowledge of state law to help you navigate the legal system and get justice. We even offer a free consultation to help you understand the rights and options available to you.

Requirements to Expunge Your Criminal Record in Bellevue

If you’re in Bellevue, clearing your criminal record has two basic requirements that you have to meet before a court will approve your request:

  • You must fulfill all the orders and responsibilities the court gave you as part of your conviction and sentencing. If you owe any fines, restitution, or other penalties, these have to be repaid in full. The idea here to show your responsibility by paying back your debts to society and others.
  • You must have completed a waiting period of anywhere from 3 to 10 years, depending on your case, without being convicted of any new crimes. You also can’t have any criminal charges pending against you currently. The idea behind the waiting period is that, over time, people learn and grow and can move on from past mistakes.
  • Additionally, violent crimes and Class A felonies cannot be expunged.

Let Findley & Rogers Help You Put the Past Behind You

Clearing your criminal record in Bellevue isn’t a cheat or a shortcut. If you meet the legal requirements, it is your right under the law. Many people make mistakes when they’re younger, or maybe you believe your conviction doesn’t even reflect the facts of what really happened; either way, you are not the only one who has to deal with these issues. That’s why state law gives people in your situation a second chance. The past doesn’t have to haunt you forever.

If you’re living in Bellevue, expunge your criminal record today. Contact Findley & Rogers for a free consultation to discuss your situation and learn your options for moving forward and getting your life back onto a better track.